Thursday, August 28, 2014

Way Out Of Here

Spent Monday night recovering from a bit of heat exhaustion after a few days of working in 100+ degree weather. I say "a bit" because while serious, it was not threatening and was caught in time. Hydration is key, as are frequent breaks, and I did both. But still it came: dizziness, cramps, nausea. Good times. Reminded me of a dinner I once had at my ex's parents house, minus the burnt hamburgers and Cheetos for appetizers.

Back to work on Tuesday tho, and all is being monitored and water drank. I'd love to say I am working my ass of like normal, but I'd be lying. We are at a slow spot on the job now, and myself and the others spend more time looking for things to actually do than actually doing them.

And we spend our mornings getting lectured by Corporate America about the importance of making them money no matter the cost. Except when it costs them. 'Cos God forbid your employer should actually buy you the material you need to do your job when you need it except when it's on sale. Which is rarely.

Down to Tulsa today on an errand for work. I was given 15 minutes notice that I had an hour to get there and (a literal recount of the conversation here): "Here's the truck. Stop and get gas, it's on E. And there's a GPS with the address programmed in, but the battery is almost dead and we can't find the charger. You HAVE to be there in an hour or it's all fucked." Gee, thanks. I think the GPS lasted 10 minutes at best. But the trip was made due to nothing but luck.

Went with a bit of Dream Theater on the way home. After the Portnoy debacle a couple of years ago, and the last 3 albums, it's easy to forget why they are as well regarded as they are. 'Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence' and 'Octavarium' still sound as fresh and amazing as they did when they came out. Great records. Must remember to grab 'Scenes From A Memory' and 'Train of Thought' next time I'm home.

The only luxury I have found in this current venture is the annonimity of just walking around. When I am in a new town I can walk around and feel at ease. No worries of bumping into the wreckage of the past, no worries of running into Them (Everyone has a "Them", don't we?). When I am in a new town I am no one special. I am just a guy walking around the store, looking for the best looking apples and bananas, and the coffee aisle. It's very liberating. I recommend it.

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