Sunday, October 26, 2014

20 Miles To Texas, 25 To Hell...

Been wanting to take in a museum, as it's been years since I've done so. After a quick google search, the closest one of any slight interest is 90 miles away, and is a science museum. Bit of a trek for a subject I'm really not that fascinated by. I was hoping to find a good history museum, but all I found for those are the kind specifically for the Old West. Again, not my thing. I'd prefer one with more of an Ancient History motif.

I do remember years ago, maybe around 1994 or '95, going to the Will Rogers Museum here in Oklahoma and being absolutely bored to tears. I had no idea who he was. It was on a trip with my Grandparents and I just remember hating it. And it was all I thought about when I saw the signs for it when I crossed the state line for the first time months ago. I very briefly entertained the idea of a re-visit, but I can't bring myself to it.

My continued search for a bookstore is coming up empty as well. I've found an address for one, but when I tried to go last weekend after work I couldn't find it. But I'm home next week and will need something to do, and it's a good excuse to get out of my apartment and small town and just venture into adventure. I hate the city, and I hate being in constant motion, but I also hate being bored.

Being home after being away for so long is always bizarre. The first two days are usually spent trying to remember what the Hell I used to do before I was always in motion, and the others are spent trying to find a happy co-existence of both mindsets. Right when the "happy medium" is found, it's time to go again. And as far as people go, I have enough time to get caught up on recent events, then have food for the "time moves on without you" thoughts on the drive back. The ones I do not get to see, either myself or they become angry because one of us doesn't have time for the other. You spend a couple of months with barely any contact with a person, and then when you finally have the chance to see them it just doesn't work out for one reason or another. It's never really anyone's fault, but it's frustrating sometimes. But this is the life I must live for now, and there's really nothing else I'm qualified for at the moment. Suck it up, lie to yourself, move on...

I do not have it as bad as those I know who do this as well and have families waiting back home. Most of them have it much worse, and go to extremes to numb themselves of the loneliness/depravity. And they can give me all the shit they want to (and you can as well) for just playing video games in my free time, but I'm not the one blowing all their money on drugs and alcohol, and I'm not steadily becoming a walking train wreck.

Any issues I have now have always been present and have not needed my current lifestyle to grow or evolve. And as fucked up as it sounds, I am very proud of that.

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