Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monolithic, Baby!

In an excited mood tonight, looking forward to spending the next couple of hours with 'Alien: Isolation'. I don't think I've looked forward to a game this much since 'Silent Hill: Downpour'. The thing about 'Alien' for me is the concept. What took a game developer so long to make an 'Alien' game based on the first film, and not one based on Cameron's "Aliens" or "Alien vs. Predator"? This is an entity that's SUPPOSED to be terrifying and dreadful, not simple cannon fodder.

Also excited for the news of Monster Magnet re-releasing 'The Last Patrol' in November (in the same week I get to go home, no less). As much of a "Meh, this might be the last record, it might not" as Dave Wyndorf is, anything from him is cause for excitement. A lot of folks heralded not just 'Last Patrol', but 'Mastermind' as a return to what makes Monster Magnet great, saying they were back and whatnot, but they never really went away. They may have veered a bit into more straight up rock and roll after the success of 'Powertrip', but those were still great records. Admittedly though, 'Mastermind' is my favorite. It IS "classic" Monster Magnet with modern productions, and you can't deny "All Outta Nothing", "Gods & Punks", or the title track.

Also excited about going home in November. I'm ready to be with my dog again, just hanging out on the couch. Got this from my dog sitter earlier today, and it makes me smile...
He doesn't like the cold either.

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