Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dopes To Infinity

Had the afternoon off as there was nothing to do at work, and too many people to do it. One of those days where you clock in, look at the activities for the day and ask yourself why the hell you even bothered getting out of bed. The thing about doing construction is there are a lot of those days in the beginning of a project. You always at some point end up waiting on other trades to finish up this or that so that you can go in and do this or that, and then have to rush to get it done on time because the other trade holding you up took too long. Always happens, it is unavoidable.

So I took the advantage and washed cloths and went to the next town over, 45 minutes away, to go to Lowes and replace some tools of mine that've come up missing over the last few weeks. That always happens as well, and it always pisses you off. Thankfully I've rarely had any single item over $40 stolen from me. It's always little things that when purchased together cost around $120 that get nicked. But I am once again the proud owner of a chisel bit for my hammer drill, so all is well. And I now have an engraver down here (I left mine at home) so soon I'll be able to provide proof of ownership. I am coming for you, construction clepto...

Did some phone shopping as well since there is a Verizon in that town. I've been eligible for a free upgrade for 4 years now, and my battery life on my once fashionable flip phone is fairly non-existent nowadays, so I looked. After explaining I wanted something small, durable, and somewhat dust-proof that I can take photos off of an put on my computer, I was told I needed an I phone. After explaining I'm not fond of being saddled to Apple products, I was still told I needed an I phone. "Ok, forget dust-proof. What can I get that's very basic, let's me call and text people, and will fit in my pocket?" You guessed it: I phone. After 30 minutes of the very pushy sales person, I wandered around and tried to wrap my head around the concept of smartphones. I get the idea of them, but fail to see the "must have" appeal. Didn't upgrade as I couldn't find something that fit my needs, and one that seemed easy to just jump in to.

Technology escapes me sometimes...

Asked if there was a bookstore in town while I was there. Got an expression like I'd just dropped from Mars. Nevermind, then.

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