Friday, September 19, 2014

Shattered Memories

Had another rain day yesterday, which meant another day of homework, then games afterwords. Call me a nerd if you like, I won't argue. "Refusal to grow up" may be a bit harsh though. "Pathetic"... meh, depending on the day, possibly.

I spent $20 on a voucher for the PlayStation Store last week so I could get a copy of "Lara Croft & The Guardian Of Light", another of the many games I've been wanting to try since it's release a couple of years ago. Bought the voucher on Saturday, tried to use it yesterday, it won't work. Try it again, it won't work. Try it 4 more times, still won't work. Look at the fine print on the bottom: "Code subject to change after period of inactivity, and without notice." Thanks, assholes. Next time stop by so I can hand you a $50 bill to burn to light your cigarette with in front of me.

Go out, spend another $20, use the code and it works. Get online to the store, and find the game for $4. It didn't heal the wound or calm the nerves, but it did help. And it's a fantastic game. It's traditional Tomb Raider, puzzle wise, but Contra combat wise. I've not played a game like it in years, and was surprised to find myself enjoying it as much as I am. I'm just not a shooter-game person. Most of them have no substance for me, and unless I'm fighting aliens I usually lose because I've shot my teammates on accident thinking they were the enemy. No, I don't even attempt online multi-player. I get called an idiot and cussed out bad enough at work, I don't need that shit when I'm not being paid to listen to it.

I do believe that it is a great game for hardcore Tomb Raider fans, as well as people who've never played a Tomb Raider game before. Definitely worth $4, and the not-on-sale price of $20...

Had my first aid/CPR refresher today. It's always awkward pumping a dummies chest and fiving it mouth-to-mouth (which isn't even the recommended method anymore, but is still mandatory) in front of a room full of strangers. You walk up to it, ask it if it's ok, then state you are a trained person and are just trying to help, then try and bring it to life. I always feel like I'm in a strange version of the movie "Mannequin" . It was a short class though, clocking in at just under 4 hours. Enough time to get back and play in a muddy ditch for the rest of the afternoon. It wasn't pleasant, but it also wasn't unbearable.

And the rain day yesterday was officially my last full day off until November. Unless of course it rains worse than Elizabeth Bathory in between now and then. Wishing myself "Good luck!" for it. I've not worked a schedule like this in years...

I find myself being contacted by a few people from my past I've not spoken to in years lately. It's been good to hear from them, but also sad as well because our youths are gone, and most of us are unable to have the kind of fun we once had together due to various adult responsibilities. I speak more for them in those terms then me. I've seemed to be stuck in some weird limbo for years now. The body and mind have aged, but most life situations have not changed as they should have. Not for lack of trying mind you, and I'm not moaning. It's just... odd. The more things change, the more they stay the same. And the Wheel of Time rolls ever onward...

It has been great reminiscing with them though, and I have missed them all. Some more than others, yes, but I've still missed them. And probably always will.

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