Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cry For Me, Sky

I'm excited to finally be going to the doctor this upcoming week to finally get my shoulder looked at. It hasn't been unbearable but it hasn't been pleasant. Yesterday and today it popped twice right in the socket area and both times the pops hurt like Hell. Something is not right, and I seem to have finally convinced my employer of that. It's dangerous water you tread in sometimes when you're hurt. Not speaking of the actual physical damage done and working with it, but the implications it can have.

When it's an on the job injury, employers get scared. They worry about the costs to insurance, and a lost time incident can be damaging to a companies reputation. This never puts the injured person in a comfortable spot. On the one hand, you've bills to pay and should it come to missing work, unemployment only pays so much. The other hand is you have the Corporate Tinkerers breathing down your neck about how it can harm the company financially and "Could you please just give it a couple of days before we take such steps? It might get better.". You can either listen to them and work hurt, and if it's nothing serious you'll pull through in time, or you can go get checked out and possibly put a target on your back for the higher ups to look at. My employer is no different then any other: it's all about profit. And when medical bills come in, profit can shrink. And when a company has a track record of injured employees, job opportunities for the company can be lost which shrinks profit even more. Hence the potential for a bullseye on a persons back. It has happened, and it does happen.

Right now though I'm not sure what will happen. I just know I'm getting checked out, and I'm very pissed off it took a few days to get my company to go along with it. I do worry about being a target, because I am no one of importance in my company. I'm not a boss, I'm a grunt. I am, for lack of a better description, expendable in the eyes of those who sit in offices and know nothing about me other than what they read in a file. It's not a comfortable position, but I'm taking care of me. If my company takes offense to that and wants to get rid of me for it... things could get interesting.

At this point I honestly do not know what to expect. I just know that something is wrong in my left shoulder and I want it fixed so the constant ache and the painful pops will stop. Ice packs and pills only help so much.

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