Monday, January 19, 2015

Workin' Them Angels

Spent all day with an ice pack, a bottle of pills, and 'Metal Gear Solid 3' as I'm trying to recover from another injury. It's nothing serious, just a very sore and very painful shoulder. No broken bones, no dislocation, no ruptured disc, just sore muscles. When I got into this line of work almost 4 years ago now, I promised myself I was going to come home in the same shape I left in. I was not going to be one of those guys who destroys his body intentionally or unintentionally just to do a job. Now almost 4 years later I've had 2 accidents within 3 months. Karma, perhaps. Or luck running out on me, as I have had several close calls before. Either way it's not setting well with me. I want to be able to function fully and without issue in my years ahead. Everything I work for is no good to me if I'm unable to enjoy it. But that's just my opinion.

Some people are fearless and can jump in to a hazardous situation without question for their own or others' safety. I can't do that. I have to take a moment and evaluate everything. And up until the last few months it's worked out alright for me. I took a lot of pride in my safety record, and no one besides myself has ever been hurt because of anything I've done, which I'm still very proud of. This is speaking of my professional life, not personal, mind you. I've just as many ghosts following me around as the next person. No one is truly innocent, and I'm not about to try and fool myself or anyone else that I am. I could have handled a couple of relationships differently and not hurt a few peoples feelings, but it's how we learn what to and what not to do in a relationship. You've got to have that trial and error.

Anyways, a boring day that has left me ready to go back to work tomorrow.

'MGS3' has been fun, as always. But much like 'MGS4', it's also been a bitch as well. Not nearly as bad, but I'll dig in to it sometime soon. Slightly frustrating, but satisfying at the same time. Fantastic game. Absolutely one of the best from the PS2.

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